Update About Simon and Garfunkel’s Sounds of Silence

For all who have tuned into my posts about the lack of credits on my Simon and Garfunkel’s 1965 original mono mix on Sound of Silence, I apologize for not posting some more sooner as I promised. But there will be some important surprising new information which I expect to reveal very soon and a lot […]

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Truth About Simon and Garfunkel Sounds of Silence

UPDATE NOV. 30, 2014 Columbia Records, Sony and RIAA have finally gotten it right and issued the proper credit on the single and album in question and here it is. I will be doing a follow up post but meanwhile, here is the RIAA Three Time Multi-Platinum Award with the Official RIAA engraving. No fakes, all […]

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Musicians Help Each Other & Protect the Fingers

http://www.ampeg.com/story.html Reaching Out and Helping When You Can This post is about  helping others when you can, and secondly about protecting your fingers if you are a musician or anyone, in fact, making a living with their fingers. I have been playing and singing music for many, many years, and the learning I have received […]

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Scammer Baiting News Continued

This is a continuation of the post about “Sister” Anna Maria and his/her efforts to retrieve money in a Nigerian Scam sneak attack through LinkedIn, by offering me 12.5 million dollars. The purpose of this is to warn all who choose to listen of how the Nigerian scammers (called 419 scammers) have infiltrated the world […]

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Having Fun Baiting 419 Scammers Now On LinkedIn

I just discovered a wonderful and fun way to pass a couple hours by way of a LinkedIn email I received from an obvious 419 Nigerian scammer. I couldn’t stop laughing at what I wrote to them. But  whatever you do, don’t believe a word of what I wrote to them. Somehow, they have managed […]

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The Miracle of Life

I watched a most incredible video the other day of the world’s fastest guitar player in a most incredible performance of playing The Flight of the Bumble Bee. He began by playing it “slow” that really wasn’t so very slow at 170 beats per minute with an audience and an associate in view marking off […]

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There’s Good News and Bad News

And that’s always followed by: “Which do you want to hear first?” Well, in this case it all depends. First of all I had been waiting for about nine months to hear from a world records group in Europe (I won’t mention the country) about my world record for the most overdubbed voices by one person (238) […]

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