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  But who in the hell will even care about Trump and his Mar-a-Lago 50 years from now? Hearing of the deaths of  Carrie Fisher, her mother, Debbie Reynolds, Zsa Zsa Gabor and other famous celebrities recently and especially all the talk about Palm Beach and the oh, so private and exclusive Mar-a-Lago these days and […]

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It’s December

It’s December and time to tell everyone about my songs in my It’s December album for everyone’s December holiday, especially the song, “It’s December.” It mentions all the December holidays.  Hear it at Spotify at  And if you like it you can download the album or any song in it at, or any of your other favorite […]

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Bob Dylan Captures 2016 Nobel Prize

I hope I helped a little in getting him the Nobel Prize The announcement that Bob Dylan has been chosen to receive the coveted Nobel Prize for Literature is enough to make anyone stop in their tracks and take notice. AND I DID TAKE NOTICE I can truthfully say that I did have a small hand in […]

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celibate-secrets-wcontact PLEASE CLICK HERE TO READ ENTIRE SCRIPT DON MEEHAN’S CELIBATE SECRETS nominated by OAXACA FILM FEST 2016 – Top International Fest Celibate Secrets is based on a true story that reveals secret and inner workings and corruption of some priests, cardinals, and bishops in the Roman Catholic Church.   Don Meehan Don Meehan was very much excited […]

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Is Pay Cable TV Brainwashing Us?

    Outlandish and unending commercials are embedded into our brains. But I have discovered a way to beat it. Some of the pay television channels today are really something to be avoided, as rather sickening with their TV Brainwashing. In addition to paying for the services, we all are compelled to be totally saturated with carefully […]

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Setting Up & Reading Teleprompters

  It Is Such A Bore to Watch Some Speakers Reading Teleprompters  – The act of Reading Teleprompters is truly an art. But it has really become obnoxious with some speakers. Most every one of them I have seen lately reading two glasses is totally unacceptable, especially amateur apprentice speaker Donald Trump. He is obviously new at it […]

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When Computers Try To Out Think Us

Its amazing how Computers try to out think us. These days of advanced technology seems to have created more circumstances for extreme frustration when “Interneting,” and  Don’t know if that’s a word or not but I guess it should be. Anyway, I think I have found a way to get stuff off my chest when something […]

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Another Donald Speaks Out re The Holidays

“Its December” is a holiday song that includes the beliefs of those other than Christian. From this Donald to that other Donald: My new song, IT’S DECEMBER, is my answer to Thee Donald’s campaign to obliterate every December holiday celebration, every other belief system, and good times from December existence, all except Christmas. I also love […]

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Credit finally right on Simon & Garfunkel’s Sound of Silence

While wrapping up my holiday CD, It’s December for release, my son, John Meehan in Florida, mentioned to me that he would like to have a couple of my Platinum Awards to hang on his St Augustine restaurant, Meehan’s Irish Pub, I told him about the Simon and Garfunkel situation and how great it would be if […]

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