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The “Pepsi Pours it On” ‘60s campaign – Hats off to “Queen” Anne Phillips – Another overdub nut like me

Yeah, I guess that’s where I really learned it. Anne owned Stea-Phillips Studio in the old hotel next to Columbia Records at 799 Seventh Avenue. The Victoria. And she had a studio in her home in Jersey. She could overdub anything, anytime she felt like it, in her own places or her favorite others, like […]

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Whats to blog about?

Well, everyone around me told me I should do a blog. “On what?” I kept saying. And then, I thought about it. Maybe I could say a few things about some of my life and times in the music and recording businesses that somebody may be interested in. Maybe not. Perhaps a few words here […]

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My first splice wasn’t on tape

Well, I guess everyone can assume by now that RoughmixDon is an overdub freak, in addition to being an actual music and recording freak. In another post I mentioned about 227 voices on America The Beautiful, and that was in 2003. Adding a voice a year now puts me up to 237 voices in 2013. […]

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